Product Photography

Product images for advertising, catalogs, lifestyle and gastronomy.
Artistic or comercial still life photography.

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Photo Shoot

Individual or couple photography.
Profesional photo book.

Individual photo shoot - 5 Photos80,00€
Individual photo shoot - 10 Photos120,00€
Individual photo shoot - 20 Photos200,00€
Couple photo shoot - 5 Photos100,00€
Couple photo shoot - 10 Photos150,00€
Couple photo shoot - 20 Photos250,00€

Fashion Photography

Photo Shoot / price per hour60,00€

Communion Photography

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Individual photo shoot (pre communion)100,00€
Family photo shoot100,00€ - 300,00€
Communion event200,00€ - 350,00€

Wedding Photography

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Wedding Event900,00€ - 1200,00€

Corporate Photography

Business and company photography for brand, product and services promotion.

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Individual or group portraits30,00€ - 259,00€
Special events100,00€ - 600,00€
Comercial installations and equipments90,00€ - 750,00€

Architectural Photography

Interior and exterior design of buildings and structures photography for designers, architects, leasing companies, real states, building investors and construction company.

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